Contemporary impressionist artwork to add light and colour to your rooms.

Contemporary impressionist artwork and paintings by artist Laura Tetrault have found homes all over the world. Her art is hand made with acrylic paints on canvas and watercolour on paper. Working with the finest quality supplies, you can be assured that your artwork will stay beautiful and bright in the years to come. Paintings and artwork by Laura Tetrault. Contemporary impressionist artwork Cityscapes, wedding art, portraits, flower paintings, portraits and custom art.

I create art so that you can create a place you want to spend time in. My paintings will help you humanize your home by helping to create connection between people, inviting time for reflection, and transforming a lifeless room into a space that speaks to and about you. Think about it, you want to spend time in rooms that feel inviting. Hotels and interior designers know this. So do the home builders. They know that art on the walls says something important to people, otherwise they wouldn’t invest the money to have art in their showrooms, model homes and hotel rooms and lobby. Now think about the places you might describe as “institutional”. Can you see the place in your mind? What does it look like? Is there color? What’s on the wall? How can you tell it from any other room in the building? How long do you want to be in that room? Art always tells a story – usually more than one. There is the story in the paint, and the story a painting tells about its owner. The art you choose will communicate what you value and reflect your personality in your home. Please take a moment to view the art, read the articles to learn to design your own space and get the basics of starting your own collection. And if you still have questions, by all means ask!